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Modern Turkish Identity & the Ottoman Legacy | Prof Resat Kasaba

Episode Notes

We talked to Resat Kasba about his work as a professor and expert on the history and politics of the Middle East.

Created & Hosted by: Mikey Muhanna, afikra
Edited by: Ramzi Ramman
Theme music by: Tarek Yamani

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Our long-form interview series, hosted on Zoom, featuring academics and arts ‎and media experts who are helping document and/or shape the history and culture of the Arab world through their ‎work. Our hope is that by having the guest share their expertise and story, the community still walks away with new ‎found curiosity - and maybe some good recommendations about new nerdy rabbit holes to dive into head first. ‎Following the interview there is a moderated town-hall style Q&A with questions coming from the live virtual audience ‎on Zoom.‎ Join the live audience: 


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